Diagnosis: Bad. Prognosis: Good.

I want you to know that I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I am 34 years old. My prognosis is very, very good. My type of cancer and what we know about my potential stage of cancer at this time all point to the fact that this is all very, very treatable and that I will have a long and healthy life.

I am sharing this news with you because, honestly, it will just be so much more difficult to keep it private. I thought about waiting to share this news until my full treatment plan is known, but there are so many steps in this process and I just can’t foresee the “right” time. So I’m sharing everything I know, and I’m sharing it now. As I’ve come to understand my diagnosis and sought to learn about both the science behind the treatment options and the personal experiences of others, one medium that has helped me greatly are the personal blogs of other patients who have walked this path before me. I’m going to work hard to document my journey, and through this blog I hope to keep you updated and provide a record that could assist others who may someday be in my position. It will also be therapeutic for me to write.

Medical form

A form I recently filled out during a surgical consult. It felt so strange to circle “breast cancer.”

While this news was shocking, it was only to an extent. This news did not come entirely as a surprise to me because of my strong hereditary and familial risk. My mother survived breast cancer (diagnosed at age 55; in remission the past 9 years). My grandmother did not survive it. She was diagnosed in her early 30s, then diagnosed again with metastasized breast cancer in her late 30s. The disease killed her by age 43.

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