No news is good news

Sorry I have not posted in a while! Just got Zoladex injection #4. Only 56 more monthly injections to go as I endure 5 years of induced menopause to reduce the risk of my cancer recurring. 


I am feeling so much restored since chemo. However, I do have hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia. After implementing all kinds of good “sleep hygiene,” including blackout shades, hot bath before bed, etc., I begged for a sleep medicine from my oncologist. I’m on 1mg of Lunesta, which is basically a baby dose. And I’m still a total insomniac.

For my birthday, my husband got me the S+ ResMed sleep monitor, which has confirmed that I wake up about 10-12 times every night and shows I’m rarely getting to the deep slee phase. I love having this monitor as I try different things to improve my sleep.


A medicine I take called Aromasin as part of my induced menopause has also been known to cause joint pain, which I had a good bit of before this whole cancer business. I have been doing electro-acupuncture recently and am absolutely amazed at the results. If you have any questions about electro-acupuncture, I would be happy to answer them!