Clear MRI & Injection #10 of 60

In August, I had my first scans since my diagnosis. Instead of a mammogram, I had a breast MRI since last time the mammogram missed my secondary tumors. Results of the breast MRI this time: completely cancer free! Hooray!

Granted, we thought this MRI was pre-approved by insurance but now they say they don’t want to pay for it so we are appealing. “We” being me and Duke, because they are so awesome that they do the insurance appeal for me!

That was the end of August. Now I’m sitting in the treatment room at Wake Forest Cancer Center. I am having blood work done to ensure I’m still in menopause and I think to check my tumor markers (just regular monitoring).

As I wait here to get my injection, I realized for the first time that the chairs here have massage and heat! Kind of like at the nail salons. Kind of.

I sure am grateful to my colleagues at work who tolerate me having to slip out once a month or more for all these medical appointments.