Healthy bones, even with a broken arm!


Broken arm, January 30. Adrenaline makes me smile I guess

Part of my preventative treatment is induced menopause, which increases my risk of bone loss. So each year I get a bone density scan to monitor my bone health.

I just finished my scan and the results were good! Average annual decline in my situation is 8% and the tech said mine was lower than that — hooray!

I was eager to hear these results because one month ago I fell off my horse when he tripped before a jump. The wintery ground was super hard and I fractured my arm. I was pretty sure that bone loss wasn’t a culprit here but it sure was nice to have that confirmed my this scan! While this injury has kept me out of the saddle, I’m honestly just grateful to have been healthy enough to be jumping — I’ll take a broken arm over chemo any day.

Anyway, I’m cruising along cancer-free. At my 1-year anniversary of finishing chemo, I celebrated by buying a second horse. He is my symbol of the future — he is a young horse in training and will be my next show horse in a couple of years. His name is Sinatra, and when I look at him, I think how bright the future is and it helps me chase away the dark fears that my cancer could return.

Whatever your own personal fears, dear readers, I hope you each have your own personal Sinatra to help you look eagerly toward the horizon.


Sinatra. My future show horse!


After a surgery to put in a plate, I’m now in a brace and doing physical therapy!


One thought on “Healthy bones, even with a broken arm!

  1. You are such an inspiration. I was such a baby when I broke my arm!! I will definitely call on you when/if cancer knocks on my door. You go GIRL!

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